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Why Bishop Gold Group?

When faced with current and future economic uncertainties, you simply want a team you can fully trust. Bishop Gold Group wants nothing more than to instill confidence back into those who are wanting to protect their investments, those who are first time buyers and others looking to enter retirement with peace of mind. We hold each and every one of our clients to the highest degree of respect and have the same goal for all — protect your wealth, invest with confidence and be on the same team.


Physical Possession

Be protected against an unpredictable future. We’ll make sure you have physical possession of your precious metals — in all its forms — by shipping them to you securely via trusted couriers.

Precious Metals IRA

Your existing retirement funds could be more profitable. Consider a nest egg supported by physical gold and silver.

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Our Portfolio

You deserve only precious metals of the highest caliber. Discover them here.

Peace of mind we preach it often.

And you can’t get it from most other types of investments. Take total control with your physical possession of precious metals. With complete access to your assets of great value, your peace of mind is a constant.

Reap the benefits of a government approved-retirement when you add Bishop Gold Group to your IRA. A Precious Metals IRA has your assets stored safely until you choose to withdraw distributions from your account.

Why Precious Metals?

Given their rarity and determinate nature, precious metals have been a source of wealth for centuries. Their value comes from the fact there is low supply annually, and they are inherently scarce. As times grow increasingly uncertain, many investors choose to diversify and protect their worth by relying on precious metals.

What sets precious metals apart from other options? Their tangibility. They also aren’t controlled by one single institution, and can’t be printed like other monies whenever the government deems it so. Precious metals always remain, and must remain, in their original state. This is highly beneficial to investors like you.

Precious Metals IRA

A Precious Metals IRA is self-directed and gives you the freedom to invest in approved products, such as platinum, gold and silver. As the US dollar declines in value and the national debt continues to increase at an alarming rate, your retirement may be in much more sound conditions with a Precious Metals IRA.

Don’t fret if you are new to investing in precious metals and do not know where the starting line is. It’s simple to open your account, and we’re with you every step of the way. Use the Bishop Gold Group Guide to begin your journey toward a worry-free retirement.

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