Precious Metals IRA

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You may already know about the benefits of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and the numerous advantages for retirement savings. A Self-Directed IRA allows you to invest in precious metals such as; Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. If you’re concerned about economic volatility surrounding the U.S. Dollar, than investing in Precious Metals could fulfill your plans for retirement.

In Self-Directed Retirement Plans, you along have power over your investment decisions. While you do choose which precious metals to invest in, your representative will be there to educate you on everything precious metals related – from storage to the difference between coins, bars, and rounds.

Benefits and Advantages

Right off the bat, there are two main perks of opening a Self-Directed IRA – enjoying full control over your retirement savings and having the opportunity to invest in physical precious metals.

The benefits of investing in precious metals will hinge on your personal goals, but you’ll find that most invest as a unique way of providing a safety net for their financial future. Here are some of the benefits:


Having a diversified portfolio is essential to financial protection. Precious Metals are a fantastic addition to an investment portfolio.

Hedge Against Inflation

There are multiple factors – Government policies, declining value of the dollar, reducing American buying power – that tend to increase the price of Gold and other Metals. You can preserve your financial future by investing accordingly.

Asset Alternatives

Many Individuals who are nearing Retirement are moving a portion of their retirement portfolios into precious metals for greater peace of mind.

Potential for growth

As a tangible, finite resource, precious metals have a unique potential for growth. This allows you to not only protect the money you already have, but to move toward your retirement goals in a far more steady trajectory.

IRA-Approved Precious Metals

Investing in Precious Metals presents several options, and they must fulfill certain requirements determined by the IRS to be eligible for placement in an IRA. Here are some approved options:

Rollovers & Additional Investment Options

If you already have another type of retirement account open, you may be able to transfer, or rollover, those funds into a Precious Metals IRA. Here are some types of retirement accounts that can be rolled over when eligible.

  • Traditional IRA & Roth IRA
  • Thrift Savings Plans (TSP)
  • 457
  • 403(B)
  • 401(K)

You should speak with a tax professional to ensure which is best for your situation.

Another great benefit of opening a Precious Metals IRA is that you can diversify your account with other approved investment options. You’re not only bound to precious metals. These other options include, but are not limited to:

  • Private Loans
  • Private Businesses
  • Raw Land
  • Real Estate
  • Mortgages
  • Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

We’re here to provide your with all the information whenever you have questions about any of the steps in this process.

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